Beginning of our FIRST Pilgrimage to Moldavia

And so, our first annual Pilgrimage to Moldavia has begun. Please keep us in your prayers – myself and the sixteen wonderful (potentially mad) pilgrims who have flown over one (close to two, in some cases) continents and on ocean to join me.

For seven night, we shall stay at the Skete of my Monastery, fifteen kilometres into the forest from the big Monastery of St Nicholas in Rasca. This is the monastery where I was received as a novice, I was tonsured a monk and ordained as a priest – this is the home of my monastic childhood.

Apart from the seven nights here, we shall also spend three nights in Putna, at the very North of Moldavia. This will allow us to visit and pray in the most ancient and beautiful Monasteries of Moldavia, including the world-heritage Painted Monasteries of Bucovine.

By the grace of God, my Abbot has given me the blessing to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in English in the week we are at the forest Skete, so we may all participate in the service (we can even join their choir) and develop a personal relationship with the Skete. This is the greatest gift they could have offered.

As possible, I shall try to keep you updated with how the pilgrimage is progressing. As is the case with our Monastery on Mull, there is no internet at the Skete either, so do forgive me if I fail to post as frequently as I would like to. Being silent online does not mean we are silent in our prayer.

May we ALL be blessed


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