2018 Summer Pilgrimages

Christ is risen!

I am happy to announce that all our pilgrimages for this summer are fully booked, and that we are now accepting bookings for the summer of next year.

The four weeks of pilgrimage for summer of 2018 are:

Pilgrimage One:       June 9 – 16

Pilgrimage Two:       June 23 – 30

Pilgrimage Three:    July 14 – 21

Pilgrimage Four:      August 18 – 25

As in previous years, we shall limit each group to ten people per pilgrimage – this is due to the size of the boats we use, as well as that of the house. I also find that a larger number of pilgrims takes away the opportunity to spend time together and properly meet each other.

For a third year running, we shall keep the cost of the pilgrimage unchanged – 1400 USD. The cost in pounds will be updated regularly, due to exchange variations. This price includes everything for the week you are in the Isles – accommodation, food, three cars, a sailing boat, a motor boat, ferries, entry tickets and fees.

To book a place, you must purchase a non-refundable Deposit (400 USD) either through the monastery website or by cheque. Please send me an email – at fatherseraphim@mullmonastery.com – before paying for your deposit, to avoid double-booking.

Cheques should be written to our US organisation – American friends of the Celtic Saints – and sent to 3736 W County Rd 4, Berthoud, CO 80513

The remaining balance is due by the end of the calendar year (31 December 2017).

To find out more about the islands and places we visit, or for more details about the pilgrimages, please take a few minutes and browse this site. You will find information about each day of the pilgrimage, as well as an updated account of the available places for each of the four weeks of pilgrimage.

May our risen Lord bless all of us, and may the Celtic Saints keep you under their protection.

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    • He is risen indeed! Dear Mrs Bennett, I decided to build the budget in US dollars because this year the exchange rate has really put pressure on us. However, the cost is always listed in British pounds on our bookstore site (I include the link below), form where one can also purchase the deposit to book a place. I shall update the cost every few weeks, to reflect the exchange rate. Many thanks for the question, I hope this helps.


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