Lovely hike to MacKinnon’s Cave

There are at least four caves on Mull where monastic hermit life has been present from the sixth century, since (or perhaps even before) St Brendan founded the first monastery in the Hebrides (shorly followed, two decaded later, by St Columba’s arrival on Iona).

This is MacKinnon’s Cave, at the foot of the mountainous area of Mull known as the Wilderness. It is only accessible at low tide. A bit further, there is a second, smaller cave – that is called the Priest’s Cave, which is only accessible by boat (there is no foot passage to it).

Just like the Nun’s Cave and Scoor Cave, I very rarely come here with our pilgrims, because the hike is difficult, but I’d like you to at least see these photographs. These caves document an important part of the history of Celtic monasticism in the Scottish Isles.

Today was a beautiful day, surprisingly sunny and warm. We even saw an otter playing in the water, which seemed like an extra blessing 🙂

Update on the Monastery: still no boiler (but having high hopes for next week), still no phone and definitely no internet (but I shall travel every other day to keep up to date with you all).

For our pilgrims: please do NOT worry. The monastic house is not our pilgrimage house – our pilgrimage house is a rental and is a LOVELY home, well heated and (moderately) well connected to the internet.

I am not sharing these things with you to complain – God knows that and I pray you know it as well. I do it because you asked me to keep you updated on how the monastery is progressing, and because I want to share with you all the positive and less positive things that happen here (which is also why we need internet access).

God bless us all! Keep the Monastery in your prayers.

If you want to join us for our 2019 Pilgrimages, there is an update on the available places on this website. feel free to send me an email ( if you have any other questions that are not answered there.


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