New Celtic Pilgrimages – Summer of 2017

I am pleased to announce four new Celtic Pilgrimages to the Scottish Isles during the summer of 2017.

The wonderful groups we have had this year (my deepest gratitude to all of you) and the great time we spend together have shown me how important it is for you to experience first-hand the extraordinary beauty and the amazing Christian heritage of Celtic Isles. Come and join one of our small groups (up to ten people only) for a week-long Pilgrimage to the Celtic Isles of Scotland.


The weeks of the 2017 Pilgrimages are:

03 – 10 June (2 places left)

17 – 24 June (2 places left)

01 – 08 July (1 place left – must be a man)

15 – 22 July (fully booked)

Where do we go?
We shall visit first-millennium Celtic Christian places connected to Sts Ninian, Columba, Brendan the Navigator, Oran, Kenneth etc.
We shall visit monastic dwellings founded in the 500s, beehive cells, hermit caves, bays and beaches were Celtic monks and nuns were killed for their faith, uninhabited islands that were centres of Christianity before the Viking raids etc.
We visit some of the most remote and authentic places connected with early Celtic Christianity. Some of these places have been uninhabited for centuries, with no touristic or religious routes linking them to other destinations. The pilgrimages organised by the Monastery are the only way one can visit some of these isles.

Among many other places, we shall get to the Isle of Iona (Iona Abbey, Martyrs’ Bay, the Nunnery, St Oran’s Chapel, the famous Celtic High Crosses, St Columba’s Bay, the Hill of the Turning Back to Ireland, the Marble Quarry and the Machair); the ruins of St Kenneth’s monastery and the ancient hermit cells; St Brendan’s monastery on his uninhabited Isle; and some of the great Celtic Christian places on the Isle of Mull (The Nuns’ Cave, the Carsaig Arches, Kilninian etc). The schedule depends on the weather and the state of the ocean.

For one week, we shall attempt to function as a small monastery, fighting the temptations that come with any spiritual experience and putting prayer, obedience and love for one another before everything else.

How much does the Pilgrimage cost?
1400 US dollars or 960 British pounds.
Compared to 2016, the cost has remained unchanged in US dollars (1400 dollars), with a small increase in British pounds (960 pounds). We have made most of the expenses already (we have rented the house, the motor boat, the sailing boat etc), so we need to make sure we are protected against possible currency variations.

What does this include?

The cost of the Pilgrimage includes:

  • accommodation for a week in either twin rooms (two single beds) or double rooms (one double bed; for families), in one of the largest and most beautiful houses on the Isle of Mull
  • all meals: breakfasts, dinners and packed lunches
  • use of three cars for the week
  • private hire of a sailing boat for a day
  • private hire of a motor boat for another day
  • ferry tickets to and from Iona for two days
  • entry tickets to all places of interest
  • private guide (myself) to all places we visit

How does one book a place?

To sign up, first email me ( to check that there are available places for your preferred week of pilgrimage, then pay your non-refundable Deposit (300 pounds or 400 US dollars) to secure your place.

Your place is only booked upon receipt of the Deposit.

How can I pay my Deposit?

By Card, PayPal or Cheque – your choice.

To pay by Card or PayPal, please visit the Monastery bookstore and ‘buy’ a 2017 Pilgrimage Deposit (300 pounds).

If you would like to pay your deposit by Cheque:

1. Pilgrims from the United States. Please write your cheque to ‘American Friends of the Celtic Saints’, mark it as ‘Pilgrimage Deposit’ and send it to:

American Friends of the Celtic Saints

3736 W County Rd 4

Berthoud, CO 80513

2. Pilgrims from the United Kingdom. Please write your cheque to ‘Kilninian Trust’, mark it as ‘Pilgrimage Deposit’ and send it to:

Kilninian Trust

25 Howard Terrace

Morpeth, NE61 1HT

When do I have to cover the Balance Payment?

By the end of November.

Thank you all SO much for all your support and encouragement. I would like to once again confirm that everything we do – including these pilgrimages – is to support the Monastery of all Celtic Saints, and to bring us one step closer to having it built by the end of 2018.