My gratitude to a wonderful group of pilgrims

At the end of our first Celtic Pilgrimage this summer, I want to thank our pilgrims (now, our friends) for all the help they have given me during this week, and for all the effort and love they brought to the pilgrimage. The ‘secret ingredient’ of a successful pilgrimage is not so much the weather, nor is it human comfort and things like that – the main thing is that we manage to remain open to accept and love each other as we are.

We lived together for a week. We prayed together for a week: every morning, every night, every holy place we were blessed to visit. Please take this monastery and its story to your homes, to your friends, to your family, and make them part of this story, as well.

As our beloved Celtic Saints would pray: may you be blessed, wherever you go, on each mountain you climb, on each sea you sail. Then, one day (sooner, rather than later) come back, so we may pray together again.